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Gerald Hirigoyen

Piperade - San Francisco, California

chefHirigoyenThe new restaurant opened by Chef Gerald Hirigoyen in the Embarcadero neighborhood of San Francisco, Piperade, a classic dish of Basque cooking made by melting together onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic. Piperade (both the restaurant and the dish) captures the robust tastes, sense of tradition and celebratory soul of Basque Cuisine.

As guests enter, they will find a casually festive atmosphere in the revamped dining room with its oak flooring and tables dressed in authentic red and blue striped runners. "Conviviality is a hallmark of Basque restaurants," says Cameron Hirigoyen. "We placed wine barrels around the restaurant and have an oversized square table in the center (called the "Sheepherder's table) where we can either serve food family style to larger groups, or individually to customers attracted by the idea of a communal table. From the main dining room, a large wall of glass doors opens onto a sheltered, cozy patio for al fresco dining year round.

Norman Van Aken

Norman's - Coral Gables, Florida
Norman's - Orlando, Florida
Norman's - Los Angeles, California
Mundo - Coral Gables, Florida

Chef-NormanTruly one of America's greatest chefs, Norman Van Aken recently opened Norman's Los Angeles bringing the New World Cuisine of his world famous Florida restaurants, Norman's and Mundo in Miami and Orland, Florida, to the West Coast. Dedicated to the fusion of Latin, Caribbean, Asian, and American flavors and given his own "Norman" touch, Van Aken's menus result in something that is no less than sensational.

The James Beard Award, The Robert Mondavi Award, and The Food Arts Silver Spoon are only a few of the recognitions accorded to Van Aken. With a life-long passion for writing, Van Aken has authored several award-winning cookbooks that read like adventure novels than kitchen tours. 


Paul J. Wade

- Aspen, Colorado

Chef-Paul-WadePaul J. Wade, Executive Chef and Aspen Cooking School instructor, creates truly extraordinary food from an unparalleled love of cooking which he has refined over the years. Infused with a strong interest in ethnic cooking, Wade actually worked in kitchens from the West Indies to Hawaii and Palm Beach, Florida, as well as New York and California's Napa Valley. This world-renowned chef and world traveler is also a songwriter, musician, and cyclist.

So, why do processed California tomatoes make it to the menu at this five-star, five-diamond resort in Aspen? "They are always sweeter and have a more consistent full-bodied, low acid flavor than fresh tomatoes. They are always better than fresh for braising and sauce-work as well as steamed dishes," reports Chef Wade.

Biba Caggiano

Biba's - Sacramento, California

caggiano_bibaBorn and raised in Bologna, Italy, Biba came to California by way of New York when her American-born husband returned home and then joined a medical practice in Sacramento. Striving to recreate the everyday meals that her mother used to make and keeping it an integral part of her family's life, Biba began her career as an instructor at a local cooking school. Careful study of the diversity of the culinary traditions throughout Italy enhanced her knowledge and then she was to write and publish seven best-selling cookbooks.

Her syndicated cooking show, Biba's Italian Kitchen, is still seen on the Discovery Home and Leisure Channel and broadcast internationally to Asia, South America, Canada, and Australia. Stop by this highly acclaimed restaurant most any day and meet the award-winning chef while you enjoy the luxury of the best Italian food in Sacramento, if not in all of California.

Rhonda Carano

Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery - Healdsburg, California

rhonda-caranoYears ago on a trip to California's wine country, Rhonda and Don Carano decided to elevate their mutual passion for beautiful wines, purchasing 60 acres of farmland with a 1904 farmhouse, an old barn, and 30 acres of grapes. Reminiscent of their Italian heritage, it was to be a refuge from their busy lifestyle, a place to relax and make wine. But it continued to grow until it became the famed Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery, located in the Dry Creek Valley near Healdsburg, California.

"Incorporating our Italian heritage into everything we do is so very important. It's who we are. Italians approach life as an art and their lifestyle reflects their love for food, entertaining, gardens, and music. We want to make every person feel special and make guests feel at home," declares Rhonda. Their love of the Sonoma Valley is also evidenced by the charming Vinters Inn and its acclaimed restaurant, John Ash & Co., which is surrounded by 90 acres of Ferrari-Carano vineyards.

Leonardo Fasulo

Osteria Fasulo - Davis, California

fasuloJust about a year ago, Leonardo Fasulo and his wife, Mina, opened their first solo restaurant venture in a small suburban cottage down a tree-lined lane in Davis, California. Reminiscent of the family-run osterias of his native Piedmont in nothern Italy, Osteria Fasulo is as close as guests can get to Italy without flying to Rome. Leonardo says, "Our restaurant will be another extension of our family and our home -- where we always have good food, good wine, and good friends around us."

Once chef at the suave San Francisco restaurant, Donatello, Leonardo Fasulo has spent more than 25 years travelling the world from Switzerland and England, to Egypt, Singapore, Morocco and Tahiti, to Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. According to Mina, "The restaurant business runs through Leonardo's veins. It's in his blood and his soul."

Executive Chef Adam Walsworth insures that the Osteria Fasulo's Italian-style cooking is modern and inventive without sacrificing the genre's traditionally warm and comforting embrace.

Roy Harland

- Fresno, California

Roy HarlandRoy's mastery of simply delicious flavors is present in all his creations. Working with the cornucopia of foods from the Central Valley, Roy uses high quality processed California tomato products because they are always in season. "I can depend on the many forms including canned tomatoes, tomato juice, tomato paste and puree, which are readily available today and all year long. I can count on their consistently good quality," says Harland.

Guiseppi Zappalà

La Strada - Reno, Nevada

74x74_zappalaLa Strada, the Eldorado Hotel Casino's flagship Italian restaurant announced the arrival of Giuseppe Zappalà early this summer. He will bring several additions to the menu, including risotto al tartufo, risotto with truffles; and crespelle Valdostana, crêpes filled with fontina cheese and baked ham in a béchamel sauce.

Located in the Eldorado Hotel on Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada, La Strada has been voted one of the top 10 Italian restaurants in the nation. Its classic Italian cuisine includes pastas, pizzas, and other specialties such as ossobuco and a Genoese delicacy called polenta which is not often found on Italian menus anywhere. The wine list has won the Wine Spectator magazine's Award of Excellence for eight years in a row.

Experience the romance of Italy at the Eldorado's signature restaurant, La Strada, and enjoy Chef Zappala's specialties at one of Reno's finest.

Malachi Harland

The Elbow Room - Fresno, California

Malachi HarlandFrom football Coach Pat Hill to basketball Coach Ray Lopes, the visitors to Fresno's Elbow Room have enjoyed the superb cuisine and atmosphere for over 40 years. Located in the Fig Garden Shopping Center at Palm and Shaw Avenues, The Elbow Room has provided diners with the finest steaks, seafood, pasta and "ambience" that Fresno has to provide. You won't be disappointed.


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